professional veterinary services in high point, nc

At Emerywood Veterinary Hospital PA, our veterinarian and support staff want to build a professional relationship with you and your pet in order to provide quality care. We want to make sure that your pet lives a long, healthy and active life by offering a full line of medical, surgical and nutritional care. From vaccinations to radiology to weight control, you can rely on us to do everything possible to make your pet healthier.  
Emerywood Veterinary Hospital PA provides vet services in High Point, NC that you can rely on!  

General Animal Care

Emerywood Veterinary Hospital PA believes that a good head start is the best way to give your pet a long and healthy life. That’s why we encourage our clients to bring their animals to see us for regular visits. These checkups can provide important vaccinations, as well as addressing preventive health care (such as heartworm, flea and tick prevention). We are glad to provide dental services to help enhance your pet’s overall health and give them fresh breath too! We can also tackle more complex medical issues with the use of our in house laboratory for blood profile panels and fecal exams. All of our veterinary services are built on a deep commitment to the comfort and care of your pets.  
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Pet Surgery in Safe Hands

Here at our animal hospital, our veterinary services include surgical care for your pet. From common procedures like the spaying and neutering of your animals to more difficult surgeries, we perform operations with the utmost care and cleanliness. We also make sure that your pet is given the best follow-up care during his or her recovery by including Therapeutic Laser Therapy post surgical to aid in healing and pain medications to help keep them comfortable. If a procedure will not enhance the quality and duration of your pet’s life, we will let you know so that you can make the appropriate decision for your pet and your family.
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Nutritional Counseling

Emerywood Veterinary Hospital PA believes that the best vet services should include nutritional counseling. From advice on what your new puppy or kitten should be eating to weight control support and the provision of diet foods, we are here to help you. We carry a large line of dog and cat foods, as well as prescription diet foods for your furry companions. Let us know if we can assist you with your pet’s dietary needs. We want to make sure that they are eating the kind of food that will let him or her enjoy overall good health.  
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